SANTE - 100% natural tomato concentrate

LycoRed - one of the world's leading providers of added-value ingredients now also offers the 100% natural and patented "flavor booster" called SANTE.
It is not without a reason that tomato and tomato-based products often are the starting point for a variety of cuisines - Tomato is a familiar flavor booster and all flavor components are preserved in SANTE. Taste components of tomato is naturally present and contribute to the characteristic and unique taste of both umami (bouillon taste / MSG- taste) and kokumi. The taste of umami not only helps with the taste of MSG, but also with a natural salt and enhances other flavors that are present. While kokumi contributes a round and rich taste.
Briefly, it gives SANTE the following benefits:
• Natural MSG substitutes
• Can totally or partially replace flavor enhancers like MSG, yeast extracts etc.
• Natural salt substitutes: Using SANTE, salt can be reduced by 25-30%!
• Clean labeling
• Cost saving: Reduces need for tomato / tomato concentrate and other flavor donors
• Available in liquid form and in powder form
• Good pH -and temperature stability

Cosucra - new website

Our partner Cosucra has gotten a new website
Cosucra develops and produces natural ingredients based on chicory- and pea products. We get inulin and oligofructose from chicory, and fiber, starch and protein from peas
Visit Cosucra on http://www.cosucra.com/home/


Stevia brukes som søtning og inneholder glycosider som er opp til 300 ganger søtere enn sukker.

Råvaren er en gruppe planter som kalles sukkerblad eller sweetleaf, som inneholder glycosider.

Vi kan levere ren Stevia, men mest vanlig er en sammensetning med andre bærere som er mindre søtt. Eks. Eyrthritol + Stevia.

Rosemary Extract approved as antioxidant

Rosemary extracts have been recently added to the list of approved food antioxidants by the EU Commison:
Rosemary extracts complying with the purity criteria set in directive 2010/67/EU can now be labeled as “antioxidant: extract of rosemary” or “antioxidant: E392” in food products. Extracts of rosemary can only be used in the list of applications available in Directive 2010/69/EU.

Thaumatin masking bitter taste from Stevia

Tallin - producers trade mark for Thaumatin - is a natural sweetener masking bitterness of the new natural sweetener Stevia. Stevia most likely getting approval in the EU sometime in 2011. Together Tallin and Stevia will make a natural and godd tasting sweetener.

Vitamin- and mineral blends

We can offer single ingredients in micro nutrients like vitamines, minerals and antioxidants - also tailor made blends and premixes.

Crispies with fruit

Crunchy crisp balls with fruitjuice - natural taste and colour.

Bars with spesific nutrition

We can supply you with different types of bars - Energy, Protein, Meal Replacers